H2 Concepts Picks Up A New Campaign and Expands

H2 Concepts Verizon Retail

Back in late January, a group of three of our top representatives headed to Manhattan to start an expedited training course for a new Verizon Retail Campaign that H2 Concepts acquired due to recent performance and a track record of success working with telecommunications companies. The three trailblazers include Elana Korn, Hillary DeLeon, and Valeria Carmelo, who are currently exceeding client expectations for the campaign.

The group was super excited for the opportunity and all jumped at the offer when it was handed to them. Thanks to hard work and dedication by the expansion team, the company received news that they will be receiving more locations and will continue to grow and expand with the new campaign.

“I was super pumped when Dan (President of H2) told me about the campaign, and then when he informed me about the expansion just a few months later, I almost passed out! We all worked our tails off and put in 100% each, and seeing it pay off is the most rewarding experience we could ever imagine,” said Hillary, remembering back to when she started on the new campaign.

With the expansion of this campaign comes the expansion and growth of the company, bringing more opportunity than ever to the representatives working with H2 Concepts in New York.


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