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H2 Concepts, an emerging leader in the world of marketing, promotions and sales announced seven new promotions with its company this month. As the company expanded into Canada a few months ago, their goal was to promote and expand the company as quickly as possible. “The only thing holding us back is more leadership,” said Dan Rosenberg. “We need more people that take control and make our company their own.”

H2 Concepts is a fast-paced company with employee growth and development. Since they only hire within, there is a large focus on personal development, leadership development, and teamwork. In a few years, there will be over 100 managers in the company, according to past records. “The people that are at the bottom now, will have to step-up and become the future leadership and create a strong foundation for the future,” says the HR Manager, “that is why it is so important to find the right people.”

In the last five years the company expanded their organization from the UK and Ireland into Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Poland. From there, they conquered the USA and Mexico, and now Canada. “I feel like we have a solid foundation for growth, and the experience to make it happen quickly. Now it’s the time for other people to take over the reins and make new footprints in these countries,” said Justin C. one of the international managers in Spain and Portugal.

In addition to the expansion of countries, H2 Concepts has also been expanding their verticals. Moving into a retail environment is a new focus. “We have been in events, and fundraising for years, this was a natural step,” says Dan Rosenberg. Currently, H2 Concepts works in retail to fundraise as well as for credit card and loyalty programs. With average retail sales in United States of 15 million, H2 Concepts has already proven themselves in this arena. H2 Concepts has begun doing retail in Verizon, AT&T, Walmarts, Tim Hortons, Canadian Tire, Giant Tiger, and Eaton Center. They currently have over 100 Retail Sales Representatives, and over 20 Trainers in the United States. Their goal is to grow 5 times that of the United States operations over the next 5 years, which would put them as one of the largest marketing firms in Canada specializing in retail and event marketing. Dan adds, “with the right foundation, with the right employees, and with the right attitude, we will do that in an even shorter amount of time. We have done it before, and we will do it again.”

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The H2 Concepts team visiting a school in Africa that we help sponsor.

The H2 Concepts team visiting a school in Africa that we help sponsor. It’s amazing to meet the kids in person that we help from afar!

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H2 Concepts Promotes an Assistant Manager and a Senior Corporate Trainer

H2 Job Promotions

H2 Concepts in Mineola is on a roll with promotions, having two within a week of one another. First, Senior Corporate Trainer Julian was promoted to Assistant Manager with the help and support of his team. Julian has been working extremely hard to earn the title, putting in extra hours and helping those newer in the office whenever they needed it. Dozens of industry leaders from the region came out to show their support and celebrate in his promotion. Julian gave a quick speech thanking everyone in the office that has impacted him greatly in his process. The people thanked include Dan Rosenberg, the President of H2 Concepts, Valeria Carmelo, another Senior Corporate Trainer, Hillary DeLeon, Human Resources Director, Nick Kalpaxis, Senior Corporate Trainer, and Mark Johnson, Corporate Trainer.

Following his promotion was Corporate Trainer turned Senior Corporate Trainer, Nick Kalpaxis. Nick, one of Julian’s top team members, helped rally the office to help Julian get promoted to Assistant Manager, which in turn got him promoted to SCT shortly after. The office rallied around Nick once he gained requirements, making it a strong month for H2 with promotions.

There’s definitely more promotions to come soon! Who will be next?

H2 Concepts Takes Over Hartford, CT

H2 Concepts Hartford

The final weekend of March, H2 Concepts took a trip up to Hartford, CT to attend the Northeast Leaders Conference at the Radisson Hotel with hundreds of other industry leaders. H2 Team members attending included Account Executive Vanessa Cullen, Leader Giuliano Bove, Senior Corporate Trainer Valeria Carmelo, as well as Assistant Manager Julian Barreiros, to name a few.

At the conference, several on staff received awards of merit to congratulate them on all of their hard work and dedication in order to grow and expand in the business. Many successful managers in the region spoke at the conference, sharing what they have learned from when they started until now in order to help them become and stay strong in business.

After some Q&A with the managers, everyone headed over to the local pool hall for a pool tournament between all of the Northeastern companies represented. The prize, of course, a lavish and large trophy for the winner to take and display in the office.

H2 Concepts Picks Up A New Campaign and Expands

H2 Concepts Verizon Retail

Back in late January, a group of three of our top representatives headed to Manhattan to start an expedited training course for a new Verizon Retail Campaign that H2 Concepts acquired due to recent performance and a track record of success working with telecommunications companies. The three trailblazers include Elana Korn, Hillary DeLeon, and Valeria Carmelo, who are currently exceeding client expectations for the campaign.

The group was super excited for the opportunity and all jumped at the offer when it was handed to them. Thanks to hard work and dedication by the expansion team, the company received news that they will be receiving more locations and will continue to grow and expand with the new campaign.

“I was super pumped when Dan (President of H2) told me about the campaign, and then when he informed me about the expansion just a few months later, I almost passed out! We all worked our tails off and put in 100% each, and seeing it pay off is the most rewarding experience we could ever imagine,” said Hillary, remembering back to when she started on the new campaign.

With the expansion of this campaign comes the expansion and growth of the company, bringing more opportunity than ever to the representatives working with H2 Concepts in New York.

H2 Concepts Reviews Trip to Poland, Montenegro, and Croatia

H2 Concepts Europe 1In October, H2 Concepts selected two rising stars, Julian Barreiros and Alan Caldwell to tour Poland, Montenegro, and Croatia. They were rewarded for their strong work ethic, student mentality, and ability to train new associates. In Poland they were able meet their counter parts and see the way another sales and marketing business is run in a different country. They also were able to enjoy the rich history and sights of all the areas they went to. Alan said, “Poland was a life changing experience, giving me a chance to broaden my horizons and learn more about a culture I had little knowledge of. Plus the food was amazing!”

H2 Concepts Europe 2Alan and Julian were accompanied by Dan Rosenberg, CEO of H2 Concepts. Dan said, “It was a pleasure to be able to send two of my best associates to another country to observe and learn. We had a great experience and I hope to be able to show this opportunity to more up and coming associates in the future. We are in the opportunity business and this is just one of the many opportunities we have had the pleasure to give.”

H2 Concepts is planning another trip, this time to Cancun Mexico for November and is running a contest to see who will get to enjoy the warmth a little longer.

H2 Concepts Europe 3  H2 Concepts Europe 4

H2 Concepts Review New York Jets Competition

Football season is back and H2 Concepts in Mineola, NY is showing that teamwork is as essential to their success in business as it is in football. With the competitive and friendly atmosphere that H2 Concepts has developed, they ran a competition to send four associates to the opening home game for the New York Jets vs. Green Bay Packers.

H2 Concepts ReviewThe winners were Patrick Marrone, Jessica Watson, Brian Alemany, and Richard Skinner.
Jessica said, “I love football and have always wanted to attend a Jets game. This contest gave me motivation I needed to make it happen. I had a great time with the guys and am truly grateful that I won a ticket.”

“I am super competitive and relish the chance to compete. I have been working on my skills at work and now have proof that I can do anything I put my mind to. Plus it’s football! Who doesn’t enjoy football?” said Richard Skinner.

At H2 Concepts on Long Island, they know that you need to excel in teamwork and encourage others to do the same in order to be successful as an individual. Additionaly, having a competitive edge doesn’t hurt when the rewards are as great as an outing to the Meadowlands. H2 Concepts believes in rewarding individuals who go above and beyond while having fun and being responsibly competitive. Patrick, Jessica, Brian, and Richard are rising stars at H2 Concepts and keep showing that they are the future leaders of the company.