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H2 Concepts Attends National Conference and Awards Banquet in Philadelphia

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On June 28, 2014, H2 Concepts traveled to Philadelphia, PA for a National Conference and Awards Banquet at the Kimmel Center. The H2 team saw several management promotions as well as awards given to peers in the direct sales and marketing industry for achievements over the past year.

Rick PitinoThe featured speaker of the night was basketball coach Rick Patino that spoke about having a positive attitude and the idea of when the day is done, whatever didn’t work for you is done, and tomorrow is another day. He said that everyone can possess a PHD (Passion, Hunger, Dedication and Drive) to help them succeed.

The H2 Concepts team also heard from many award nominees and winners that all had advice for the burgeoning leadership team from Mineola, NY. H2 Leader Kayan John-Baptist said, “Hearing Patino speak motivated me to be more positive and reminded me to stay focused every day.” He also enjoyed networking with fellow peers from all over the United States, South Africa, Scotland, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Assistant Manager Vanessa Nandalall said, “I learned that motivation is a large part of being a great leader and learned what I need to do to help motivate others on my team.”

Managing Partner of H2 Concepts Dan Rosenberg said, “My favorite part of this conference was seeing a personal coach and leader achieve his goal. It motivates me to hold myself accountable and set bigger goals so that I too can accomplish everything that I started this company to obtain.”

This year’s conference was exciting and filled with tons of useful information that the team at H2 Concepts looks to implement immediately. It was truly motivating and the amount of positive energy and motivation remained as they returned home to Mineola, New York.

H2 Concepts Promotes Another Senior Corporate Trainer

H2 Concepts in Mineola, NY is proud to recognize rising star Valeria Carmelo for her recent promotion to Senior Corporate Trainer. Valeria was born and raised in Venice, Italy and has always known she was destined for success. She dreamt of coming to America to fulfill this dream and make her own stamp on the world. In Italy, Valeria began saving for her new future by being a competitive part of the Fiat Auto Sales team as well as one of the managers in the finance and customer service department.

H2 Concepts PromotionAfter years of hard work and a lot of determination, Valeria was afforded the opportunity to come to America. When she arrived in New York she found herself working the restaurant business, but she knew that was not where she wanted to be. She went on the hunt to find a career and not just a job. She wasn’t sure want she wanted her career to be but knew that she wanted to be able to grow with a company and someday have a business of her own.

Valeria found this opportunity with H2 Concepts in Long Island and is moving quickly through the management training program. Valeria has now been promoted to Senior Corporate Trainer and thoroughly enjoys the family atmosphere, the competition, and opportunity that is all a part of the company culture at H2 Concepts. Valeria has trained and promoted several newer leaders in the office and is currently working closely with several new trainees and account executives on her team.

H2 Concepts TeamAfter speaking with Valeria about this promotion she expressed her excitement to see all her team members get promoted and do as well if not better than herself. Although the trip has had a few challenges, she always finds a way to get back up again and continue on her journey. She says that her family is the reason she keeps motivated. She has seen some in her family have a lot of success and some have none and believes that surrounding herself with successful people who are willing to work hard will help her prosper. Valeria’s training style is focused on being more of a mentor than a trainer. She believes in hands-on learning and is always there for her trainees. Her team says she is the best because of her positive attitude and her confidence in them and herself.

In five years Valeria sees herself having financial freedom, independence, and a successful career traveling the world. Her amazing personality and willingness to do what is needed had definitely put her at the head of the pack making her one of this year’s rising star at the National Conference in Philadelphia. If Valeria keeps on this track she will be opening her own office by the beginning of 2015.

H2 Concepts is Gearing Up for the National Conference

H2 Concepts in Mineola, NY is gearing up for the National Conference in Philadelphia starting on June 28, 2014. One of the H2 team members will be receiving a special leadership award at the event and the energy is buzzing through the office in anticipation of who is going to be selected.

H2 Concepts National Conference


Some of the H2 Concepts team members in the running are Valeria Carmelo and Julian Barreiros with their recent promotions to Senior Corporate Trainer as well as Hannah and Hillary Delon, Ronald Cobos, Irisa Kandi, Nick Landi, Mina Khorasnchi, Kayan Jean-Baptiste, and Christina Razack that all have been promoted to leadership position recently. Although they are working hard as individuals, the sale and marketing teams are dedicated to becoming the number one vendor in the North East.

H2 Concepts is looking to take over new territory and new campaigns for its clients and will do this by meeting and exceeding the goals set in place each and every day. There is no doubt that there is a healthy competition brewing between everyone and they are all excited to see what happens this week.