H2 Concepts Expands Into Canada

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H2 Concepts, an emerging leader in the world of marketing, promotions and sales announced seven new promotions with its company this month. As the company expanded into Canada a few months ago, their goal was to promote and expand the company as quickly as possible. “The only thing holding us back is more leadership,” said Dan Rosenberg. “We need more people that take control and make our company their own.”

H2 Concepts is a fast-paced company with employee growth and development. Since they only hire within, there is a large focus on personal development, leadership development, and teamwork. In a few years, there will be over 100 managers in the company, according to past records. “The people that are at the bottom now, will have to step-up and become the future leadership and create a strong foundation for the future,” says the HR Manager, “that is why it is so important to find the right people.”

In the last five years the company expanded their organization from the UK and Ireland into Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Poland. From there, they conquered the USA and Mexico, and now Canada. “I feel like we have a solid foundation for growth, and the experience to make it happen quickly. Now it’s the time for other people to take over the reins and make new footprints in these countries,” said Justin C. one of the international managers in Spain and Portugal.

In addition to the expansion of countries, H2 Concepts has also been expanding their verticals. Moving into a retail environment is a new focus. “We have been in events, and fundraising for years, this was a natural step,” says Dan Rosenberg. Currently, H2 Concepts works in retail to fundraise as well as for credit card and loyalty programs. With average retail sales in United States of 15 million, H2 Concepts has already proven themselves in this arena. H2 Concepts has begun doing retail in Verizon, AT&T, Walmarts, Tim Hortons, Canadian Tire, Giant Tiger, and Eaton Center. They currently have over 100 Retail Sales Representatives, and over 20 Trainers in the United States. Their goal is to grow 5 times that of the United States operations over the next 5 years, which would put them as one of the largest marketing firms in Canada specializing in retail and event marketing. Dan adds, “with the right foundation, with the right employees, and with the right attitude, we will do that in an even shorter amount of time. We have done it before, and we will do it again.”

For more information visit http://www.h2concepts.ca


H2 Concepts in Mineola Promotes SCT

H2 Concepts Jobs

Julian grew up in West Babylon, New York and attended Saint Joseph’s College in Patchogue, New York for Business Administration as well as soccer. He worked as a financial representative and as a manager in a construction business before finding H2 Concepts. Julian wanted upward mobility and excitement in his career. What he found at H2 Concepts was a career opportunity and ability to work in a fun, exhilarating, and competitive environment. He also found a supportive group of co-workers that continue to allow him to grow and reach for his goal.

H2 Concepts in MineolaJulian was promoted to Senior Corporate Trainer because he has a great student mentality and his ability to grasp different ideas and styles from all who helped train him. He also is self-motivated and is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the next step in the manager in training program. He says, “Having a great team where I can not only teach and duplicate, but learn as well has helped me move forward in the program.” Julian is the aggressive coach that strives to push and motivate his team members to go above and beyond their limits. “I look for progression over perfection to get the best out of my team every day.” Having personally trained Ronald Cobos, Nick Landi, Katelyn Cahill, Haley O’Hagan-Kammerling, Andrew Agiato, and Aaron Zarabi, his coaching style is proven effective and will lead him on to be a very successful part of the H2 Concepts organization.

H2 Concepts JobsIn five years Julian plans to own a home on the water where he can park his yacht in the back yard. He also plans to have an organization of his own with offices in Manhattan, New York, and San Diego, California. He has a clear mind on what and where he wants to be and with the work ethic he shows every day, he will surely surpass all of his own expectations. The next step for Julian is Assistant Manager and then on to opening his own office. He plans on doing all this by the end of the calendar year.

As long as Julian keeps going the way he is going there is no end to the success that he will generate. He is not just another amazing associate at H2 Concepts, but a true entrepreneur. We will all have to wait and see what he does next.

H2 Concepts Returns Home to Mineola With Some Big Awards!

H2 Concepts Reviews

On June 28, 2014, H2 Concepts went to Philadelphia for this year’s Industry National Conference. There was an amazing energy buzzing through the office while the competition was brewing for this award ceremony. They worked hard as individuals and continued to train and develop their teams showing that team work is essential to succeed. The H2 Team was given several major awards including Rising Star, Achievement Award, Administrator of the Year, and the 50/50 Award.

H2 Concepts JobsOne of the Rising Star Awards went to Alan Caldwell, Corporate Trainer for H2 Concepts. Alan received his award because of his positive energy and student mentality, which has helped him learn as much as possible and teach others what he has learned. “Having fun while out working with clients is a huge part of my success, because you can’t take work too serious all the time. You have to let the negatives roll off your back and keep going. If you enjoy what you do then you truly do not work a day in your life,” Alan commented. He plans to be Vice President in the company within the next 8 years and have court side Knick’s tickets for life. He says that helping to support his large family is his main motivation to be successful in the future.

Andrew Agiato was given the Rising Star Award because of his “down for whatever” attitude when it comes to his personal and his team’s success. He is always willing to go the extra mile, helping them in the field or personal life and making sure that no one is left behind. Andrew said, “I am motivated by my little sister, she is the reason that I work so hard. I want to prove to her that no matter how hard something may be if you stick to it you will surely enjoy the outcome and reap the rewards of a successful career.” Andrew plans to finish his degree in Accounting while continuing to grow his team to see what he can achieve.

H2 Concepts MineolaValeria Carmelo received the Achievement Award due to her success at training and her all-around ability to build relationships with everyone in the office. Valeria was promoted to Senior Corporate Trainer just before the conference for these same reasons. “My family motivates me to be the best that I can be. Coming here from Italy and not having them with me is hard, but every time we talk they tell me that they are proud of everything I have accomplished. I can’t wait to be at a point in the company to have financial freedom to travel and spend more time with my family whether it is here in America, Italy, or another country.”

H2 Concepts Long IslandMichael Hanley was awarded the Achievement Award for his ability to adapt to a new campaign and still have a positive attitude. He gives 100% into the everyday activities and follows the training systems to a “T.” “I am motivated by my desire for success and my ability to accept any challenge, bringing out the best in myself and the others around me.” Michael plans to have his office up and running by the end of 2015 and his long term goal is to put his mother on payroll so she can enjoy life without any worries.

H2 Concepts Dan RosenbergDan Rosenberg was awarded an Achievement Award and the 50/50 Award because he was able to bring grow the H2 Concepts team to over 40 marketing reps in Long Island by May 2014. Motivated by family, Dan says, “I work for my family to support them in every way possible.” Dan’s immediate goal for next year is to win the Most Improved Manager Award and Manager of the Year Award. His long term goal is to be Vice President by 2016 having 35 offices with 20 Assistant Managers and 30 Senior Corporate Trainers.

H2 Concepts New YorkH2 Concepts is filled with exceptional people who work well on their own as well as in teams. They continue to be on the top of their campaigns and are moving quickly dominating the New York area. It will be marvelous to see what happens next year.

H2 Concepts Attends National Conference and Awards Banquet in Philadelphia

H2 Concepts Reviews

On June 28, 2014, H2 Concepts traveled to Philadelphia, PA for a National Conference and Awards Banquet at the Kimmel Center. The H2 team saw several management promotions as well as awards given to peers in the direct sales and marketing industry for achievements over the past year.

Rick PitinoThe featured speaker of the night was basketball coach Rick Patino that spoke about having a positive attitude and the idea of when the day is done, whatever didn’t work for you is done, and tomorrow is another day. He said that everyone can possess a PHD (Passion, Hunger, Dedication and Drive) to help them succeed.

The H2 Concepts team also heard from many award nominees and winners that all had advice for the burgeoning leadership team from Mineola, NY. H2 Leader Kayan John-Baptist said, “Hearing Patino speak motivated me to be more positive and reminded me to stay focused every day.” He also enjoyed networking with fellow peers from all over the United States, South Africa, Scotland, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Assistant Manager Vanessa Nandalall said, “I learned that motivation is a large part of being a great leader and learned what I need to do to help motivate others on my team.”

Managing Partner of H2 Concepts Dan Rosenberg said, “My favorite part of this conference was seeing a personal coach and leader achieve his goal. It motivates me to hold myself accountable and set bigger goals so that I too can accomplish everything that I started this company to obtain.”

This year’s conference was exciting and filled with tons of useful information that the team at H2 Concepts looks to implement immediately. It was truly motivating and the amount of positive energy and motivation remained as they returned home to Mineola, New York.

H2 Concepts in Mineola, NY Reviews New Marketing Campaign

H2 Concepts Mineola Reviews

H2 Concepts, Inc in Mineola, NY has launched a new campaign which is being headed by Assistant Manager Ismael Sorto and his team of from H2. Ismael’s team includes Michael Hanley, Fabiola London, D.J. Morahan and Michael Lawrence all of whom have earned a spot on the expansion team.

H2 Concepts is faced with new and exciting challenges with this campaign, but have found a way to overcome it all. They enjoy the differences between campaigns and having found success in doing business to business makes working with business to consumer that much easier.

Ismael believes that having a positive team and being competitive with one another will help them succeed with this campaign. They are using the same skills that they acquired when they began and continue to prove over and over again that the marketing and sales system utilized by H2 Concepts works.

The H2 Concepts expansion team is covering Queens Village, Freeport, Hicksville, and surrounding areas. With this new territory under their feet, they are sure to be moving up in the company as well. Ismael says, “A positive attitude and good customer service skills will get you far in this company.” Ismael is moving up and is planning on opening his own office very soon. Everyone should be looking forward to seeing what this team is capable of.

H2 Concepts Travels to Dallas, Texas for Industry Leaders’ Conference

On March 21, 2014, Dan Rosenberg, President of H2 Concepts, and three rising stars, Valeria, Julian, and Alan, traveled to the most recent Industry Leaders’ Conference in Dallas, Texas.

H2 Concepts Dallas, TexasThe group heard from several speakers from around the country, each detailing their own success stories and giving great advice to those in attendance. One speaker talked about how it is wonderful to experience an abundant amount of work success, but you become superior when you have that same success in your personal life. He knew that balance is one of the most important aspects of life and said to them ensure that they take one day just for themselves with no work.

H2 Concepts Dallas, Texas 2H2 Concepts’ rising stars were not only gifted with being able to hear the wise words from a few of the industry’s business leaders, but they also began to network with others in the field including the managers of companies in Dallas and Houston. Through networking, Valeria, Julian, and Alan were able to learn about the different aspects of being a Corporate Trainer such as best ways to train different types of individuals.

H2 Concepts Dallas, Texas 4All in all the group learned some key points on how to become a success in the industry and have added a few accountability partners to keep them on track to keep to reaching their own goals. Valeria, Julian and Alan continue to stay on top and aspire to attend more business trips in the coming future.

H2 Concepts Reviews Success and Future Goals

H2 Concepts Reviews

H2 Concepts was born as a result of a high demand from fortune 100 and 500 companies looking to them for their success in acquiring new customers. H2 Concepts finds success in direct marketing by keeping it “old school” meaning  H2 employs a face to face personal marketing approach. By being the smile and firm handshake behind these companies brings H2’s clients long term customers as well as positive name brand recognition. H2 Concepts started as a small company working for one client and is now home to a constantly growing number of associates trying to meet the demands of many clients. H2 Concepts is looking forward to opening over 35 offices by the December 2016.

Executives enjoy working for H2 Concepts because of the high energy and positive attitude created every morning and the personal recognition for their accomplishments every evening. There is no way that you can feel like just a number working for H2 Concepts. Through the dedicated training program, each executive is given the tools to become both successful and profitable.

H2 Concepts believes in giving a new and positive experience to a diverse group of people and thrives on employing people who believe in hard work, dedication, willingness to learn, and have a positive attitude. H2 Concepts is a totally organic company, meaning we only promote from within and believe that in order to be a successful manager you must lead by example. You can only achieve this by mastering every position in the company starting with entry level and working the way up to manager.

Dan Rosenberg, CEO of H2 Concepts, came into the marketing world in 2010 after working 15 plus years in the restaurant business with a low quality of life. He believes with hard work, dedication, and a great student mentality, you have can achieve whatever you set your mind to. He has a clear vision of where he wants not only himself and the company to be in the next 5 years but how to help others achieve the same success he has been granted.